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Chippers > Model 90XP Up Close

Bandit Model 90XP Chipper


Height: 8' 2"
Width: 5' 10"
Length: 16' 4"
Weight: 4400 pounds, depending on options.

The Model 90XP is a compact, easy-to-tow 9-inch capacity disc-style chipper.

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The Bandit model 90XP is available with a CAT, Deutz, John Deere, Kubota or Perkins engine, with up to 90 HP to suit your needs.

See the impressive hydraulics on the model 250XP!

There is a lever to select the hydraulic winch (if installed) or the infeed rollers, and a lever for reversing the winch.

The optional hydraulic winch helps pull heavy material to the infeed, a real productivity boost..

Here are the engine guages.

Here you can see the clutch and throttle lever.

Bandit Model 90XP

Looking in the infeed for the model 90XP.

A 9 X 17-inch chipper opening allows the Model 90XP to process multiple stems as well as large diameter pieces up to 9 inches.

On top you see the hydraulic cylinder for raising and lowering the top infeed roller.

Above and left, see the discharge chute.
You can turn it with the hand crank, and
also adjust the hight.

Left see the hitch and also notice the break away actuator.

The electrical brakes on this unit are triggered if the wire is pulled out, bringing it to a halt.

To decide which model is best for your needs, contact our consultants.

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