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Dull Knives

The customer who owns this chipper called to say that, although the knives are fine, the chipper isn't chipping properly. Even though these knives had only been chipping for 8 hours, they were clearly dull and the anvil was also dull (he was trying to cut with dull scissors).

Had the customer been chipping solid wood these knives would have worked for many more hours but he was chipping wet cedar boughs. Dull knives and a dull anvil is a poor combination for chipping fluffy limbs like fir and cedar. I am not sure why the knives dulled so quickly, it may be that the limbs were dragged through the dirt and they picked up some grit. There was a dent in the anvil.

The point I would like to make is, even if these knives would have kept on chipping, IT WAS TIME TO CHANGE THEM.

This is an example of really dull knives (not the worst we have seen).

If you depend upon the engine horsepower to hammer the knives through the wood you will cause excessive vibration. This vibration will increase your costs in several ways:

  • It will attack every part of your chipper, radiator, exhaust, battery, sheet metal and even cause heavy steel to fatigue.
  • Engine wear will increase because it is always pushing out more horsepower.
  • It will take longer to do the chipping.
  • Fuel consumption will increase.
  • The value of your chipper will drop.
  • More material will have to be taken off the knives to sharpen them (your knife sharpener may charge more or even refuse to sharpen them).

Chippers with sharp knives are a pleasure to use. Keep them sharp.

ALSO- When changing the knives, don't forget to change the nuts and bolts. Check the manufacturers recommendations and act accordingly. If you are still unsure, I suggest that you always replace the nuts and bolts when you buy new knives.

There is no substitute for the right tool for the job. Keep it sharp.

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