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Bandit Chippers Amazing Wood Chipper

Bandit chippers drum chipper is not a disc chipper
Bandit chippers drum chipper is not a disc chipper Drum chipper bearings Bandit chippers drum chipper is not a disc chipper
Bigger drum
Engine enclosure
Power take off
Cutter bar
Knife Life
drum chipper
Bigger drum Engine enclosure Power take off Cutter bar Knife Life

Northland Chipper Sales Ltd. is happy to be back working with Bandit Industries Inc. to bring their impressive line of disc and drum chippers to our customers in Western Canada.

We have over twenty years of experience with Bandit chippers and believe that you will benefit by adding some of their extensive line of hand fed chippers and stump grinders to your wood chipper operation.

Some examples of the Bandit chippers offering:

Disc chippers. Tough, efficient, trouble free.

Model 65XP 6" Disc Chipper

  • powerful, compact unit, 6 x 12-inch wide chipper throat, gas and diesel engine options from 27 to 44.2 HP.

Model 75XP 7" Disc Chipper

Model 75XP Track Chipper new

Model 90XP 9" Disc Chipper

Model 95XP 9" Disc Chipper in white or
Model 95XP 9" Disc Chipper in yellow

  • Similar to model 90, except the disk is at 90 degree angle.

Model 150XP 12" Disc Chipper

  • Most compact 12" model.

Model 200XP 12" Disc Chipper

  • Mid-range 12" model.

Model 250XP 12" Disc Chipper

  • Largest 12" model, the ultimate productive yet compact chipper.

Model 255XP 15" Disc Chipper

  • Engine options from 114 to 215 HP.

Model 280XP 18" Disc Chipper

  • Most productive hand-fed disc-style chipper available. Can handle large diameter whole trees.



Hydraulic Fed Drum chippers. Bigger, sturdier drums and rugged construction.

Model 990 12" Drum Chipper

Model 1390XP 13"/15" Drum Chipper

Model 1590XP 18" Drum Chipper

Model 1890XP 19" Drum Chipper

  • The most versatile 19-inch capacity drum-style chipper available.



Bandit Chippers - track chipper - a disc chipper on tracksTrack Chippers

All Bandit hand-fed chippers are offered as a self-propelled version. These highly maneuverable units eliminate the need to forward or skid material to the chipper, the chipper can be taken to the trees!

Please contact us, and we can help you select the right model for your needs.


Grapple chippers.

Most Bandit chippers are available with a grapple. Please contact us today, and we can share with you the benefits of a grapple, and which model would best work for your specific needs.


Chipper with chip box combo.

If you don't need a chip truck or you want to fill the chip truck then chip with the chipper combo while the truck is dumping, then fill the truck again and then take the full truck and the full chipper chip box combo to the dump at the same time.

Chipper/chip box combo's are available on the following models: 65xl, 90, and 95.

Please contact us, and we can help you select the right model for your needs.


PTO Chippers.

Bandit offers the following models as pto units: 65xp, 90xp, 95xp, 150xp, 200xp, and 250xp. These units can be ordered as 3-point hitch units or a trailerized units that can easily be manuvered around from one location to the next.

Please contact us, and we can help you select the right model for your needs.

There is no substitute for the right tool for the job.

Bandit Chippers - full range of drum chipper wood chipper disc chipper

Click here if you are looking for a used wood chipper

Build your own Bandit.


One FEED ROLLER or two?

Dull Knives


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