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Chippers > Bandit Model 65XP

Bandit model 65XP chipper


Awesome 6"
Disc Chipper

Height: 7' 7"
Width: 5' 7"
Length: 10'5"

Weight: 1,850 (gas engines), 2,700 (diesel engines)

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Bandit chippers
This Bandit model 65XP chipper recently arrived, configured with a 35 HP gas engine.

You can order yours with a choice of engines from
27 to 44.2 HP

Notice the long infeed tray.

Bandit model 65XP chipper
Bandit model 65XP chipper Bandit model 65XP chipper

A closer look at the 35 HP gas engine.

You can click on pictures to see them larger.

Looking in the infeed for the model 65XP:

6" high x 12" wide

The heart of this unit is a right angle feed system with a single powerful feed wheel. There is very little distance between the feed wheel and the chipper knife.

This model does not have a clutch. If you prefer a model with a clutch we can get one for you.

Bandit model 65XP chipper
Bandit model 65XP chipper

Note the bar above the infeed, push that to reverse the direction of the hydraulic infeed roller.

The orange thing hanging down is a safety feature, pull that if you are being dragged into the infeed and it also reverses the hydraulic infeed roller.

The hydraulic infeed roller brings material in at an optimal speed to the disk.

Here you can see the motor that drives the hydraulic infeed roller.

Bandit model 65XP chipper
Bandit model 65XP chipper Bandit model 65XP chipper
Above and left, see the discharge chute.
You can turn it with the hand crank, and
then lock it in place.
This shows the cover open to access the knives. There are several safety features to stop you opening the cover while the disc is spinning, and also to stop you starting the engine with the cover open. Bandit model 65XP chipper
Bandit model 65XP chipper

This view shows the knife. There are two
7 1/4" long knives on the 26" diameter x
3/4" thick disc.

Changing knives takes no time at all. Note the knives are double sided, so you can rotate them once before you need to swap in another set.

This shows the anvil adjustment. Also the arrows point to grease nipples. You need to apply grease to the nipples daily to lubricate the bearings. Bandit model 65XP chipper

To decide which model is best for your needs, contact our consultants.

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