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Which Engine?

Bandit engineQuestions like, "which is the best engine?" often come up when talking about chippers. We are not an authority on engines but from our experience over the years, hear are some observations.

The engines supplied by all the popular manufacturers are excellent. Here are a couple of things to consider.

Do you have a good relationship with one of the engine dealers? If so it may be wise use the engine that dealer recommends.

If you have no preference about a dealer you may want to talk to us about the cost of the various engines and the horsepower available.

Fuel economy- In a recent test, two Bandit model 1390 chippers were run side by side. One with 97 hp the other with 142 HP. The objective was to see how fast they chipped. As expected the 97 hp chipper took about 1/3 longer than the 142 hp chipper. When the fuel consumption was calculated, the fuel consumption for the 142 hp chipper was a little less than for the 97 hp chipper. What we think this says is- You buy more power to save time, less power to save initial cost but you don't buy less power to save fuel.

An equivalent competitors 125 hp drum chipper was included in the test. It took about 80% longer than the 97 hp Bandit 1390 so the only conclusion we could come to was that you don't buy the competitors chipper to save time or fuel.

As always, planning ahead and giving yourself the time to order a disc or drum chipper with features like a hydraulic lift on the top feed wheel, a winch, a chipper on tracks, the right horsepower, even a colour that matches your other equipment, will pay off in the long term.

We are ready to show you the many options that are available to customize your chipper to meet your needs.

If you need a chipper immediately, we have an excellent stock.

Contact Mike or Lyle and we will get together to go over the wide range of features that BANDIT offers on their disc and drum chippers or stump grinders.

When you call be sure to check if there are any special offers.

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