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How about Tree service companies, Landscapers, Municipalities etc.?

Mr Chips: If you are considering buying a chipper and you are in the tree service business a chipper should make the difference between time wasted and time saved or profit and loss.

Most tree service companies understand this but still go out and buy fancy pickups and try to save money on the chipper. I suggest you get the best chipper for the type of work you do and the fancy pickup should look after it's self.

For a landscaper that does lots of pruning I like the BANDIT model 65 with either a 33hp Perkins diesel or 35hp Wisconsin gas engine. The 65 has a 12" wide opening so it can take up to 6" dia. limbs or tops even with the limbs on and with over 30 hp it has lots of snort to put it into your truck in short order. The 65 is also easy to get around. For those of you that go places that you should never take a chipper, I suggest that you order the HD suspension and fenders. Tougher than the rest to start with, this makes it into a little go anywhere tank.

For a tree service that needs a bigger chipper but still compact a Bandit model 90 or 95 with Gas and diesel options from 37hp to 86hp will work well. Again, you have many choices so you should consult with your dealer or ask Mr Chips which will be best tool for your application.

For the tree service company that wants the ultimate all round chipper the Bandit model 250 has always been the champ but there are now many more hand feed models up to 18" capacity in disc and drum style so it will be best to keep in contact with your dealer or Mr Chips. These larger chippers can be equipped with their own hydraulic loader or they can also be self propelled on rubber tracks. There is no substitute for the right tool for the job. Northland would like to help you find that tool.


I am looking at purchasing a 12" capacity Bandit chipper. What options should I include.?

Mr Chips: There is no substitute for the right tool for the job and your Bandit dealer will be able to fine tune your chipper to meet your needs. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Engine. As you are considering a relatively large hand feed chipper, I suggest you go for all the horsepower that your budget can stand. Diesels are cheaper to operate and are more gutsy than gas but some people don't like to work around diesel engines. More power will increase productivity.
  2. Auto feed. If you will be using inexperienced people often or if say the chipper will be rented, this option is a must and I suggest that you go for reversing auto feed. If the chipper is to be used by an experienced crew, spend the auto feed budget on more horsepower. In my experience, Bandit chippers outperform their competitors comfortably with the same horsepower so if you can have a Bandit chipper and extra horsepower you will have an edge on the competition.
  3. Twin Hydraulic lift on top feed wheel. This is a great option if you expect to do material that is large in diameter or is long and heavy. As well as lifting the feed wheel to make it easy to feed large diameter material, it can be used to apply down pressure on long heavy material.
  4. Winch. Again it depends upon the type of work you do but a winch is great, not only for dragging those extra large limbs to the chipper but also for bundles of smaller limbs. One owner told me that adding a winch to his chipper improved the morale of his crew as well as their efficiency. I suggest that you include the remote control for the winch.
  5. I really like Bandit's hand crank discharge, it is simple, inexpensive and effective. If the chipper will be used between several trucks you may want to consider ordering Bandit's hand crank height adjustment as well.

Bandit offers many other options, to many to go over here, check with your dealer and please let me know how things work out.


I Just bought a new chipper (thanks), and I want to protect my investment. What do I need to do to keep it running well?

Mr Chips: That is a good question. Here are some things to do:

  1. Keep an eye on the belt tension, preferably daily. Slack belts will soon glaze over and become useless.
  2. Regularly check the clutch adjustment. Too loose and it will heat up and destroy itself in minutes, whereas a properly adjusted clutch will last many years.
  3. Keep your knives and the anvil sharp. Check the anvil adjustment after every time you change knives.
  4. All knives should be machine sharpened, usually together. Note that Northland Chipper Sales Ltd. offers a professional knife sharpening service. Contact us for details.
  5. You should apply a little grease every day to all the grease nipples on the machine. This is best done when you shut down at the end of the day, and the machine is still warm.
  6. Always do the proper engine maintenance, including changing:
    • engine oil filters
    • hydraulic filters
    • fuel filters
    Check your manual for specifics about your engine. If in doubt, contact your dealer where you purchased the chipper.
  7. About every 250 hours of use, bring your chipper in for a service, checkup and tuning. Northland Chipper Sales Ltd. services most makes of chippers. Contact us for details.

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