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Stump Grinder

Up Close

spec sheet (PDF format)

Right view, showing the Kohler Command 27 HP engine, battery box, and the large wheels.

Left view. You can see how big the wheels are on this best selling stump grinder. The fuel tank is to the right of the engine.

Overall width 34 1/2".

A happy customer.

Closer look at the
Kohler Command 27 HP engine. The most horsepower for this type of stump grinder you can get.

Carlton recently switched from a 25 HP engine, at no extra cost,
so now you get even more
power to grind those stumps.

This view is to show you the thickness of the stump cutting wheel and the size of the heavy duty bearings on the SP2000.

19" diameter, 1/2" thick,
with 16 teeth on.

Looking back over the engine to the handlebar of the stump grinder.

On the far left is the brake, and on the right is the forwards/reverse lever.

It is set to move faster forwards than reverse. When you push the lever, gently does it!

Operator's view.

Controls from left to right:

forward/reverse lever
clutch, ignition, choke, throttle

Lower left is a lever to disengage the drive to the wheels.

On the right is a lever to adjust the tilt of the handlebars.

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